For as long as there has been hosiery, there has been static, an accumulation of electricity that causes the wearer discomfort and embarrassment.

New to the market, LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology now brings a solution to this annoyance, offering cling-free wearing comfort.  

Step out in style, with confidence!

The future is sheer.
The future is cling free.

Consumers demand more!

Hosiery wearers understand that great fitting garments bring COMFORT and CONFIDENCE. LYCRA® fibre’s promise delivers on this. Until now, static has been an ever-present annoyance. 


58% of UK hosiery wearers recognise static as an irritating problem.


63% would probably or definitely purchase tights that could reduce or eliminate static.

Source: Kantar 2020 – 286 UK hosiery wearers

LYCRA® Sheer Sensation Technology 

It’s time to liberate legs from static

Made with a proprietary anti-static additive, LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology has been proven to negate the effects of static even when worn with materials and fabrics known to be particularly prone to static cling. Permanently added to the fibre during our production process, LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology offers the possibility of static-free garments.

Woman wearing a dress

What does LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology mean for your customers?

ALL DAY Confidence, no cling 

LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology technology liberates wearers from the problem of annoying static cling. Consumers can feel confident in choosing ANY outfit from ANY fabric.

Sheer elegance, no compromise

LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology is perfect for sheer hosiery. The cling-free component is integrated within the fibre allowing hosiery to be manufactured as usual with no compromise to the garment comfort, fit or performance.

Long lasting anti-static performance

Hosiery and tights made with LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology can be machine or handwashed without compromising anti-static qualities. 

Woman wearing a dress

What does LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology mean for manufacturers?

Raises the bar

LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION  technology raises the bar in terms of the standards achievable in everyday hosiery, delivering garment uniformity and invisibility of the spandex/elastane fibre.  

Colour versatility 

LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION fibre enhances the colour uptake of dyes, making it possible to manufacture cling-free hosiery with saturated colour – in any shade. This flexibility makes it possible to produce tights and hosiery to match different skin tones. 


Hosiery made with LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology offers potential water-saving benefits in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing information 


Garment Manufacturing

  • LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION fibre can be processed in the same way as standard LYCRA® fibre

  • Garments can be dyed without diluting anti-static propertie

  • Garments can be hand or machine washed with no reduction in anti-cling performance

How to maximise anti-static performance

  • Anti-static qualities are enhanced in sheer hosiery garments of 20 denier or lower, that are knitted using bare LYCRA® fibre

  • Anti-static performance is improved when fibres are exposed to increase the number of potential contact points with clothing

The story

Learn more about the LYCRA® SHEER SENSATION technology story from the leaders that made it happen.